Twas the night before Christmas

(This post is meant for December 24, 2020) Twas the night before Christmas…and all through my code…Twinemy was going haywire no mo. After many, many, many days of tinkering around with Mathf.Lerp, Mathf.pingpong, Mathf.Sin, Mathf.Cos, and trying to figure out any other way I could achieve a unique type of movement for Twinemy, the universe sent me a lead after meditating on my code: it’s not just the function, but also the speed…more specifically, it’s how you adjust the speed for the downward movement’s function itself, rather than inside the variable…woa. I realized that each x and y component had to have a specific placement, and then those values needed to be used in a movement function after being initialized as variables. I slowed my y component down by using a super simple y- (random slowdown float value). I had to tinker around with this number and adjust it to figure out whether I should be sizing it up or down. I also had to turn off my other enemies and turn the “wait for seconds” way up for Twinemy in the spawn manager, so I could see exactly what was going on. Through doing this, I had enough time to see the overall movement of the game object and I could also see if my cosine range was where I wanted it to be.

Also, today we had a psuedo “Farewell” meeting to have a pre-all hands 2020 goodbye to everyone and wish everyone well for the holidays. Fingers crossed that the program continues in 2021 and we can all keep on learning together.

Positive Affirmation: Coding C# and Unity come easily and effortlessly to me, that I can understand it quickly, teach it to anyone and create anything I want. I think of new, fun, creative, expressive, unique ideas easily and am inspired by the universe. Coding is fun, relaxing and extremely enjoyable for me.

Stay well friends,




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