And now that we’ve made it to the Semi-Finals (i.e. Phase I: Framework), we’re on to what is akin to a short list in the 2D grammys (Finals would be Phase II: Core Programming, upon which the 2D course is 100% complete). Now that the game is “complete,” the real work begins. On this phase, there’s no videos, no instruction- nothing to “tell” you what to do. You’re thrown in the water, on your own for real now- time to swim. There’s 8 components that must be completed in this section with various requirements (i.e. cap the player at 15 layers with option of what is essentially a powerup for reload). Today was a day of C# survival guide and logic- “What am I actually doing?” The answers lie in this question- and this is where psuedo code comes in. I decided to write as much psuedo code as possible and think of what needs to originate where and who needs to talk to who- all of this must be programmed. No two things are going to communicate unless it’s programmed to do so. That is what I focused on today.

Once I wrote all the psuedo code I could think made sense for today (a lot of writing, realizing that certain things didn’t fit or make sense logically, and rewriting), I’ve decided to break each section down into what I think might take the longest to finish to the shortest (i.e. what requires the most complex code, vs the simplest). I wrote the code in a google doc (word equivalent) because there was going to be so much, I’m going to figure out what logically makes sense before putting it into Visual Studio.

Example of my psuedo code

There seems to be alot of info out in the GameDev-verse on the camera shake, so I’m gonna lay off on that for now- I know I’m definitely going to be able to find that. I think the most complex thing might be the Ammo Count- since it links communication between the player, lasers(affected by ammo & triple shot powerups), the spawn manager and UI Manager (I’m doing a laser count display). I’ve started writing some code to test for this- and this is where the c# survival guide comes into play.

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