(Late Blog for Friday December 18, 2020). Today I worked on the code for my game before the series of Friday workshops, which due to times went for the entire last half of the day. After some back and forth with my code, I was finally able to get the enemy shields to act correctly for about 5 minutes before they broke down again after I added the code for two new powerups (homing projectile and negative powerup- the latter of which is a rare powerup along with making the health boost a rare powerup as well). Thankfully, 1) I was able to get the animation working correctly again and also 2) since I chose to make separate arrays for normal and rare powerups in Phase I, adding another rare powerup in Phase II was easy.

Two strikes you’re out! Also a little cameo from my Negative Powerup.

Today’s workshop was about preparing for a career in the Game Development industry. We were given many examples of portfolios of former GameDevHQ students who have worked on indie projects, studios, and other places. It’s amazing how huge this field is. One of the interesting categories that was discussed that was a non-traditional field of work was indie game development. With a powerful social media following, one’s game can be boosted in unbelievable ways. Hearing the stories of what others have done before me with the same program was very encouraging.

We also got to see the game that the Projects Team had been working- the coolest thing ever! These participants have really put something really nice together- the graphics are so awesome!

Positive Affirmation: Coding C# and Unity come easily and effortlessly to me, that I can understand it quickly, teach it to anyone and create anything I want. I think of new, fun, creative, expressive, unique ideas easily and am inspired by the universe. Coding is fun, relaxing and extremely enjoyable for me.

Stay well friends,


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