How to Turn a Few Bugs Into an Infestation

*This post is intended for Friday December 4, 2020. (see last paragraph for explanation). Today’s (12/4/20) focus was the Thruster: Scaling Bar HUD 2D Phase I requirement and enemy laser bug.

For my scaling bar, I created a sprite and attached it to the script for thruster damage, so that when the thruster damage animation is called, the scaling bar moves accordingly. I also fixed my enemy lasers by putting a Debug.Log() message in to tell me if my script for enemy laser damaging the player is even being called at all.

Brand new thruster bar. Very Mario-esque

I spent Friday researching, writing code and making my thruster bar.

My precious thruster code…

My original intent for this weekend was to spend just a few hours finishing Phase I and have that working smoothly, bug free by 8am Monday….what ended up happening was during the process, was me somehow managing to turn a few bugs into an infestation.

Enemy explosion only with laser…lives don’t update…thruster bar doesn’t move

So…what happened? I have no idea. I’m thinking of just deleting all of my thruster code and starting over…too many bugs to keep track of at this point. I think the additions of these codes over-rode other parts. After watching some C# tutorials I think I used incorrection functions and put them in the wrong place. I will seek help on Monday. I was hoping to write a different update on Friday, wanting a more successful ending…after two days, it’s still not here. Not where I wanted to leave off, but I do have account for Friday’s work, whether it was successful or not.

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