Today I decided to step back from Twinemy and work on some other 2D phase II Core Programming requirements. The first thing I worked on was the enemy shields. I was able to create an enemy shield that takes one hit. For some reason, I couldn’t get the enemy to be destroyable after the shield was ever activated…I’m not sure as to why this is happening. I’m using an enemy shield strength parameter that only seems to work for the visualizer but it’s not calling the code to destroy the enemy. Will seek help tomorrow. Perhaps it’s the order of the location of the method- that’s usually been an issue for me in the past.

The next thing I worked on today was the Get Key C pulling the powerups toward the player by using the function I’d been looking at for the last few days, MoveTowards. I originally used a similar method that I used for the left shift speed increase (getkeydown and getkeyup), but someone pointed out to me that using simply, GetKey took up less memory. Mark was able to help me understand the logic behind why my syntax was off- huge thank you to him! A good thing that was reinforced was that “yield new return” is only used in the IEnumerator method. If you’re using a while loop, the “cool down” you can use easily is simply “return.” I’m always cautious to make sure I have a way of exiting while loops, as Unity and my computer’s health is of top priority to me😛.

Powerups being pulled toward the Player

Positive Affirmation: Coding C# and Unity come easily and effortlessly to me, that I can understand it quickly, teach it to anyone and create anything I want. I think of new, fun, creative, expressive, unique ideas easily and am inspired by the universe. Coding is fun, relaxing and extremely enjoyable for me.

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