(Late Blog for Monday December 21, 2020) Today I worked on the unity and code elements for the 2D Phase II requirements 1) Smart Enemy, 2)Aggressive Enemy, and 3) worked on some of the bugs in the Homing Projectile. For the aggressive enemy, I’m trying to use the MoveTowards function that I used with my powerup script for the “inspiration” for the code in the “ramming” feature, set off by a distance conditional. For the Smart enemy, I’m using the similar distance conditional logic, but there are two lazer prefabs, in which one moves up toward the player to damage it when it’s behind the player (thankfully I put new enemy laser tags on the enemy projectiles so that I could use that conditional as a safety net). As far as the distance conditional, my train of thought is to either use logic for either the distance between the enemy and the enemy container being greater or if the distance between the player and enemy container being greater as the conditional parameter. I’m still doing a lot of set up and debugging. I have a lot of “half” done requirement components started, so if I need to take a mental break from a blocker, I have a lot of options to move around to and from today🙂.

I also started to work on some the logic/pseudo code for the Balanced Spawning requirement. I’m thinking that all of the spawn elements in the Spawn Manager will end up as an array that the manager uses for random spawning…that’s the only way I can think of “even” spawning- by using each spawn type similar to how the spawn manager chooses the powerups “evenly” at random, but making the array all categories (i.e. regular, twinemy, smart enemy, aggressive enemy, normal and rare powerups).

Positive Affirmation: Coding C# and Unity come easily and effortlessly to me, that I can understand it quickly, teach it to anyone and create anything I want. I think of new, fun, creative, expressive, unique ideas easily and am inspired by the universe. Coding is fun, relaxing and extremely enjoyable for me.

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