(Late Blog for Tuesday December 22, 2020) I continued working on my game. I did some reviewing of the 2D modules for the laser set up so I could refresh in my memory how to attach my homing projectile game object to the player so that it would instantiate from the same position as the lasers instantiate. My last projectile was an outward Sonic Boom that was a multi directional projectile, so it would centered in the center of the screen to bring out the visual multi dimensionality of the artwork, but this one is just a simple projectile more similar to the laser, so I felt like reviewing that module would be beneficial.

I also worked more on a new directional movement type for Twinemy. Instead of doing the mathf pingpong function for a zigzag motion, I thought that it might perhaps be interesting to test out a different geometry inspired function for the x component- using a Sine curve. I’ve seen some community examples on Google and I think what I may do if I can’t get the x component to work will be to do side, left to right sine wave motion. Testing out a few things- we will see!😀

It’s so interesting to get to the point of coding where I’m more able to also look back at some of the code I’ve written earlier and see where I’ve gone wrong and also how through writing code, I can see what is more optimal as I encounter future problems that are more easily solved due to how I initially approached the problem. It’s definitely teaching me the essence of optimization.

Positive Affirmation: Coding C# and Unity come easily and effortlessly to me, that I can understand it quickly, teach it to anyone and create anything I want. I think of new, fun, creative, expressive, unique ideas easily and am inspired by the universe. Coding is fun, relaxing and extremely enjoyable for me.

Stay well friends,


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